Cocodor has been around since it’s foundation in 2002 and has steadily grown as a leading Candle and Diffuser company in Korea. It specializes in manufacturing diffusers with natural ingredients, long know-how, and optimal mix. With fully equipped facilities, we are able to develop and manufacture a high quality products at a reasonable price. We have become a pioneer and a leading company in the fragrance industry in Korea. We strive to continue our mission to provide everyone to enjoy beautiful scent that is environmentally safe and also share the profit with the people who are in need.

Create a scent

We are doing something inside for long time or consume most of our day at the gym work and in the office at home. There is a high cost for visual beauty in the indoor space, but the olfactory element can have a great effect on psychological stability and the beauty of the space

Creates a diffuser

We focused on providing people with visually beautiful and steering-perfect products with an interest in olfactory maturity. Although there are more fragrance products on the market offers low-cost products are cheap scent a sense of smell in the beauty they did not present. The consumer is for a long-time favorite brand an ever-changing array of cans and make a scent diffuser that can be developed.

Diffuser Manufacturing and Importing

Produce eco- friendly diffusers by manufacturing and importing natural ingredients.

  • OEM/ODM: Product planning, development, production, management, and delivery of one-stop service.
  • Candle Manufacturing and Importing: Imported from Italy. Raw materials such as natural palm wax are used.
  • Manufacturing and selling aroma oil: Ability to manufacture aroma oils used in scents, health and beauty, etc.

Product Development

Introduction to Product Development Research Institute for Product Development

Cocodor, a professional company that has been producing fragrance since 2002, is working with the nation's top researchers. Delivers high-quality scents and the best technical skills. We are confident that these efforts will create customer value and grow together.

  • R&D dedicated space is operated separately, residing in Research / Product Development / Design Team
  • Accreditation of the Corporate Research Institute, confirmation of small and medium-sized technology innovation, confirmation of small and medium-sized technology innovation, and certification of ISO 9001 quality management system

Diffuser Shape Study

  • Diffuser echo test
  • A Study on Material Safety and Sustainability
  • A Study on the Direction of Master Steer
Courage Development
  • Investigate and develop various diffuser containers, such as glass/painter/plastic

Package Development

  • Development of package materials and finishing forms suitable for the product [Type/Gold/Coating, etc.]
  • Product Labels and Packages Development
  • Packaging Organization
  • Sample Production

Web Page Creation

  • Development of Product Detail Page Design.

Productions and Management

  • All of Cocodor's products are produced in strict processes.
  • Korea's No. 1 diffuser's difference.
  • The result of constant research and communication
  • Domestic Proprietary Development Premium Diffuser Base Use.
  1. Contains vegetable ethanol with grain-producing effect.
  2. Hundreds of studies. Continued research.
  3. Clean to the end.
  4. Safe flavoring complying with IFRA (International Flavor Association) regulations.
  5. The delicate and elegant scent of a professional steering’s.

Secure products that have passed the safety inspection of authorized institutions.

Our QC Procedure

1) Sponsorship of the South Sudan well in Africa

  • Support the well-destruction project in Dharai village within the jurisdiction of the Shabet Cathedral in the Rumbek Archdiocese of South Sudan.
  • Residents living within 5 to 10 kilometers of Dharai village are expected to benefit from the well sponsored.

2) Conducting a fragrance service in Jeonju

3) Sponsored volunteer work to fulfill the wishes of children with incurable diseases by the Korea Make a Wish Foundation

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation is the world's largest wish-fulfilling institution that helps children with incurable diseases such as childhood cancer and leukemia to restore hope and courage in life and fight diseases.

4) Senior citizens-friendly enterprises

  • Job placement for senior employees in horticultural areas
  • Obtained the designation of elderly-friendly companies

5) Equal Opportunity Employment

  • Provide equal opportunity employment for people with disability in horticultural farming and cafeteria
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