White Label Reed Diffuser / 200ml & Signature Reed Diffuser / 200ml [Build Your Own]

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White Label Diffuser 200ml + Reed Stick 5pcs
Signature Diffuser 200ml + Reed Stick 5pcs
[Black Cherry]
The freshness of orange and green apple is added to the sweetness of the ripe black cherry. The unique subtle sweetness of black cherries will change the atmosphere.
[April Breeze]
A harmonious mixture of a strong floral scent, sweet berries, and a cozy and powdery note for a fragrance that delivers the sensation of a softener. Same fragrance as April Fresh.
[Pure Cotton]
A mixture of white laundry, a citrus note, and mint, leaves a texture of clean cotton to recreate a clean and pure feeling of white quilt.
[Refreshing Air]
A citrusy note of mandarin with a soft, bright, and cheerful vibrance that is added, accompanied by a clean note of cotton, leaving a pleasantly-refreshing mood.
[Garden Lavender]
The natural herbal fragrance of a lazy sunny afternoon in a garden full of lavender combined with lavender’s signature sweetness brings relaxation to both the mind and body. Relax your mind and body in the hard daily life.
[Lovely Peony]
A mixture of a floral bouquet and magnolia is blended with pink musk to express elegance and sensuality of peony for a mysterious charm.
[Rose Perfume]
A fresh and sweet scent of Centifolia rose from the region of Grasse, France, is blended with the sensual aroma of musk for an enhanced a sense of rosy elegance.
[Floral Bouquet]
French lavender mixed with sweet and sour of fruity notes that harmonize for a very present, voluminous sensation, leaving a cool, herbal scent.
[English Pearfree]
The rich and elegant scent by mixing fresh floral scent of white freesia and sweet scent of english pear
[White Jasmine]
A scent having the scent of alluring white jasmine and rich and gentle scent unique to tuberose at the same time
[White Musk]
A scent with a rich white powdery feel with subtle sensuality added on top. Try to feel the deep charm of slowly permeating white musk scent
[Citrus Lavender]
Enjoy the freshness of the combination of lime and orange floral scent and herb lavender. Freshly bursting scent of orange and lime.
[Pink Grapefruit]
Florida orange's cool juice is added to the fresh and clear scent unique to pink grapefruit, making you feel refreshed.
[Healing Fougeres]
It is a fragrance with the added touch blending of the green forest that spreads out over the Amazon River and the note of modern laundry. The fougere Notes turns your modern space into a comfortable rainforest retreat.
[Lemon Eucalyptus]
The harmonious scent of lemon and eucalyptus added scent of mint. You'll feel refreshed through this diffuser.
[Balsam & Cedar]
A unique blend of sweet and cool scent and rubbery resins makes you relaxed as if lying in the woods
[Green Tea]
Lime and lemon citrus note and aromatic green tea scent make you toned down and help the space refreshing.
[Deep Musk]
A charming musk scent with a deep atmosphere with the cool bergamot pinewood as well as the blend of soft sandalwood and vanilla.
Fresh citrus and cool mint flavor of lime and green lemon peels vividly deliver the charm of mojito.
[Little Forest]
From base note of cedarwood to top notes of green tea and blackcurrant, and it's a scent that makes you feel like you're in a cozy little forest.
[Flower Blossom]
A scent harmoniously blended with the bright bloomed hyacinth, floral bouquets, and soft young grass. It will turn your space into a little field.
[Pink Sand]
The exotic scent of Ylang Ylang and soft sea salt notes meet to portray the night sea where the aurora falls
[Aqua Savon]
It's soft and cozy, and the freshness of citrus is alive, giving you the feeling of just being washed out
[Flower Market]
The colorful and sweet scent of flowers in full bloom and the fresh scent of grass make you feel like you are at the flower market.
[Dark Vanilla & Sandal wood]
Just like having a sweet ice cream on one nice day at a park, feel the smoothness and fullness of vanilla arranged with sandalwood scent
Enrich the atmosphere with a captivating scent. A blend of beautiful lilies, blooming jasmine, sweet vanilla, with notes of orange evokes pure treasured childhood nostalgia.
[Sunset Rose]
Fill the air with alluring rose and elegant Jasmine, combined with warm and soft woody aroma. This will create of tranquility in your space.
[Mango Jasmine]
From the base notes of vanilla and silky musk and the middle notes of white jasmine to the top notes of mango and blackberry, it is a scent that makes you feel the day when warm sunshine and white jasmine scent gently blows
[Coco Peach]
Sweet and lovely peach scent with tropical fruity smell added which enhance freshness
[In The Café]
A harmonious mixture of a hazelnut scent, vanilla, and gourmand note for a fragrance that reminds you of a cafe shared happiness
The cool and sweet blue herb clary sage and fresh lime refreshes the stuffy daily life by reminding us of the emerald-colored sea.
[Blue Sea Salt]
The harmony of sweet berries that seem to flow from an orchard and the scent of fresh fig leaves evoke memories of first love in childhood.
[Cherry Blossom]
The scent of cherry blossoms in spring. The scent of pink peach and rose added with a pink fruit, reminding you of cherry blossoms blooming brightly.
[Forest Dawn]
The citrus of refreshing lemon helps to clear the mind. And the coolness of Cypress gives you the feeling of being in a wide forest.
[French Lavender]
The fragrance has a fresh and neutral tone that is unique to French lavender as it paints the imagery of a garden full of violet lavender and is perfect for refreshment. The fragrance of French lavender is pleasant and an herbal scent with a smooth warm includes a scent similar to that of rosemary and citrus. It is much lighter than you could imagine, but feel like fresher than heavy undertone scent.
  1. Use your hand or tools like forceps to remove the plastic cork out gently.
  2. Put as many reed as you want in the vessel and let the oil evaporates slowly.
  3. Keep it away from the reach of small hands and paws.
  4. Avoid any direct sunlight and open flame.

You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste.
It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent.
When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or
replace them with new ones.


'We create the world class fragrances to enrich the lives of the people' Cocodor,founded in 2002, has gained wide spread recognition for our outstanding speciality in diffusers and candles. With a vision to produce our own fragrance, we conduct research and develop fragrances. We have our own R&D center for our fragrances, and have been producing customer-friendly and special fragrances. Now, we supply our fragrances all over the world. Our world-class reputation is becoming more prominent as customers see the value in our products and trust our quality. We will continuously endeavor to enrich the lives of the people with our beautiful fragrances. We invite you to experience it too.


Our fragrances are free from trichloroethylene, didecyldimethylammonium chloride, toluene,
xylene and styrene and adhereto IFRA standards and regulations.



It is a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays, Mother’s day, and Father’s Day.
Give joy to your parents, friends, colleagues, and customers with our luxurious Cocodor diffusers.



Signature Reed Diffuser/6.7Ounce

Highly recommend as a gift.

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Real Flower Diffuser/6.7Ounce

REAL PRESERVED FLOWERS - Dried mist flowers (Baby's breath). Different flowers color for each scent. Good for home decor.

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Diffuser Oil Refill/6.7Ounce

Compatible with other Cocodor Reed Diffusers. When the oil in the diffuser bottle runs out, put this REFILL into an empty diffuser bottle.

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Black Edition Diffuser/16.9Ounce

PREMIUM GIFT BOX - Modern & Luxury Design Package. Highly recommend as a gift.

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White Edition Diffuser/6.7Ounce

EXCLUSIVE SCENT - Aqua Savon, Pink Sand, Cherry Blossom, Forest Dawn, Flower Market, Blue Seasalt, Bombshell

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Artificial Flower set

MULTI PURPOSE DECORATIONS - Good to decorate home, cafes, weddings and other occasions.


You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent.
When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones.

1. You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match
2. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent. When the fragrance weakens,
simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones. your taste.
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White Label Reed Diffuser / 200ml & Signature Reed Diffuser / 200ml [Build Your Own]
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